How to choose a rattle?

How to choose a rattle? Important Tips

The baby was born quite recently, but he should already have his own rattles. It would seem that it is a simple uncomplicated toy, but it performs quite a lot of functions.

Choosing a rattle?

The kid concentrates his gaze on a bright color, such a rattle will surely arouse interest. If in the first month of life the baby will only look at the toy that adults show, then in the second month he will be able to hold the rattle in his hands and examine it. Therefore, the first toy must be bright, light and comfortable. Do not forget that the baby will definitely pull it into his mouth, so it is necessary not only to observe hygiene and wash the toy with boiled water, but also to purchase it only where you can be sure that the safety is confirmed by a certificate. Therefore, the rattle should only be bought in pharmacies or specialty stores.

In the third month, the child himself reaches for the rattle, picks it up, transfers it from one handle to another, the toy helps to develop the motor skills of the fingers. You can offer your baby not one, but two or three rattles. Toys should be not only bright, but also sounding. It is advisable not to choose rattles with a sharp and too loud sound, this can frighten the child. Melodic sounds develop much better the baby’s hearing.

In the second half of the year, the baby already has enough skills that allow him to extract sounds from the rattle himself, which entertains him. The main thing is that there are no small parts in the toy that can be disconnected. An inquisitive kid will definitely drag them into his mouth and can swallow them. By the age of one, the child will certainly be interested in rotating rattles or with parts that can be moved independently.

Buy rattles for your baby that are appropriate for his age and, they will certainly become his favorite toys and help to learn about the world and develop.

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