How to choose a sofa for a cafe?

Important Tips

The atmosphere of the establishment creates the main impression on the visitor. A sofa for a cafe should be comfortable, practical, and also pleasing to the eye. It is necessary to try to make the client feel at home, completely relaxed and tune in to a positive mood. Then he will be able to appreciate the skill of the chef and leave a good tip to the waiters.

Today manufacturers offer many models for every taste. They are able to satisfy the requirements of even the most sophisticated buyers. When choosing, one should take into account the basic concept of the interior and the status of the institution. An important parameter will be the target audience of the cafe or restaurant. If the bulk of the visitors are young people and students, then it is better to purchase more modern and bright models. For the older target clientele, it is preferable to choose solid sofas.

Selection recommendations

Soft models without armrests are used in fast food chains and small cafes. This is an affordable option for budget-conscious owners. Wooden sofas are installed in bars and nightclubs. They serve as temporary respite for visitors in between dances. Semicircular models have a lot of advantages, one of which is mobility. Due to their small size and large capacity, they can increase the number of visitors. To create an effect of privacy, sofas with high sides are suitable. The most elite are hand-carved models made of natural wood. They will emphasize the status of the establishment and will appeal to wealthy clients.

Manufacturers can use chipboard, MDF, walnut, solid beech, ash, oak as frame materials. Natural and synthetic fabrics, leatherette, leather are used for upholstery. The latter options are more durable, they do not absorb moisture, and are easier to clean.

It is advisable to order the manufacture of furniture for a specific institution. So you will take into account all the nuances of the room. Experts will help you choose the best option that fits perfectly into the interior. A high-quality and stylish sofa can complement a cafe and attract new visitors.

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