How to choose lingerie?

Important Tips

The correct choice of underwear makes it possible not only to ensure the correct fit of outerwear, but also allows you to maintain health, so special attention should be paid to its choice. The assortment of these goods in stores is striking in variety, but not every item ideally meets all existing requirements.

The first thing to pay attention to is the material. A bra and panties made of synthetic fabric, being on the body all day long, can lead to irritation and allergic reactions. When buying, it is worth paying attention to the label, which says about the composition of the fabric. Only natural materials – silk, cotton – can let the skin “breathe”. A small amount of elastane or viscose can be added to them to provide elasticity, to keep the shape.

Lace, of course, adorns the underwear, make it more attractive, but you should not use such underwear every day. It is advisable to use it only for special occasions, as the lace trim can chafe the skin. It is worth remembering that high-quality underwear is not cheap, saving in this case can be harmful.

Underwear must be of the same size. It should not be visible under outer clothing or cause discomfort. When purchasing panties, the volume of the hips is taken into account, and in order to choose the right bra, you need to accurately measure two: the girth at the most prominent points and the volume under the bust. There are special tables that allow you to determine your size from the measurements taken. Those with a large bust should also take into account the correct cut of the cups and straps so that the bra is truly comfortable.

You can choose the color to your liking, the main thing to consider is that the underwear should not be noticeable under the clothes.

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