How to do wax hair removal at home?

How to do wax hair removal at home? Important Tips

Finding your own convenient way to remove unwanted hair can be difficult at times. Each technique has its pros and cons that must be taken into account. Not every woman can regularly visit salons, trust the procedure to qualified masters. Therefore, you have to choose the methods available at home. One of them is waxing, which can provide good results.

There are several ways to remove hair at home with wax. The hot method is suitable for sensitive skin areas. Exposure to high temperature makes the process less painful, simplifies the removal of hairs with roots. Usually hot wax epilation is used for the bikini area, armpits.

In epilation, special cosmetic waxes are used, which are sold at the pharmacy. In procedures with a warm, hot product, it is important to properly warm up the mass, to avoid burns. Cosmetic wax softens well in a water bath. But with this method, it is difficult to regulate the desired temperature. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a wax melter.

It is advisable to remove hair on the upper lip with warm wax. The procedure is costly. But this area deserves the expense. You can get rid of vegetation on the body with the help of cold wax, special strips. This procedure is painful. But in areas with low-sensitivity skin, the use of such funds is quite justified.

The prepared product is distributed on the skin in the direction of hair growth, covered with a napkin. The wax is removed with a sharp backward motion, ensuring that the hairs are pulled out with roots. Residues of wax are removed from the skin with special means, natural vegetable oils.

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