How to keep your eyes healthy until old age

Important Tips

Vision is an indicator of a person’s quality of life. Through our eyes, we perceive more than half of the information about the world around us. Even with the slightest violations of the quality of visual perception of the world, a person significantly feels it. If earlier eye diseases were found mainly in the elderly, today ophthalmologists diagnose such disorders more and more in middle-aged patients.

Due to the tense environmental situation, deteriorating food quality and a significant increase in eye strain, the question of preventing early vision loss and preventing the development of modern ophthalmic diseases such as dry eye syndrome, cataracts, allergic conjunctivitis, farsightedness and myopia arises.

Ways to keep your eyes looking young and healthy:

– improving the quality of nutrition: eat more natural products (carrots, blueberries, sea fish, eggs, liver, lean meat, fruits, vegetables, herbs);

– the use of preventive measures: eye drops for eye fatigue, moisturizers, vitamin preparations – all these funds will help restore the injured mucous membrane, protect against dryness, cramps and pain in the eyes, eliminate signs of inflammation and the development of infection;

– do not self-medicate: any ophthalmic agent should be prescribed by a doctor;

– in case of eye injuries, even the most insignificant, do not neglect diagnostic measures and consultation with an ophthalmologist;

– lead a healthy lifestyle: alcohol, tobacco, drugs have a toxic effect on the body as a whole, including the eyes;

– Train your vision with simple eye exercises.

Observing such simple rules, you can preserve vision and avoid many ophthalmic disorders, regardless of age.

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