#LifeHack. How to make stylish flashlights with your own hands

How to make stylish flashlights with your own hands Important Tips


In search of a stylish decor that creates an atmosphere in the interior, we recommend paying attention to the original lanterns. The combination of glass and fire is a harmonious duet. Perfect for a kitchen table, a coffee table in the living room or on the balcony in the evening (this is unrealistically beautiful). You can make them at home quickly and without complications – by yourself!

You need:
1. Jars, old vases with simple shapes and a wide opening (so that you can freely put candles in them).
2. Natural decorative lace.
3. Dry sticks of various shapes.
4. Hot glue.
5. Scissors.

How to make stylish flashlights – step by step instructions:
Wrap twine around the jars / lanterns. Before that, apply a layer of glue under it. As a result, it will not develop. This can be done from the bottom or with a bar at the desired height. We don’t recommend wrapping it all up, because light will be less effective at passing through walls. If you’ve assembled the sticks, you can attach them tightly, side by side, instead of the rope, or right on top of it. Place the tea lights in the jar / vase and the lantern is ready!

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