This article describes another parting. How to make your hair look voluminous

How to make your hair look voluminous Important Tips

Many women have the problem of insufficient hair volume. They try to fix the problem and use care products, bouffants, and other methods to get volume. But sometimes no means help, you need to use life hacks.

1. Apply conditioner. Typically, women wash their hair first with shampoo and then conditioner. You have to do the opposite. This action will help relieve dry hair in contact with the detergent. Also, this method helps to gain volume because it does not make the hair heavy, but slightly moisturizes the ends.

2. Apply dry shampoos. This product is intended to be used if there is no water or the hair is heavily soiled. Dry shampoo helps to quickly absorb oil from curls and hair becomes much better. You can purchase a compact product and carry it with you at all times. The most important rule is that this shampoo helps to create volume at the roots, so it can be used on clean hair as well. You should not use this remedy too often, because with constant use, it will clog the scalp. This can further lead to many problems of irritation and itching.

3. Change the direction of the parting. Everyone has a habit of wearing their hair to one side. But such a habit leads to unpleasant consequences, the hair from the parting becomes sparse and falls out, so the volume becomes smaller. This is harmful to hair and hair. The hairstyle will not contain the required volume. Therefore, you can comb your hair to the other side to get volume. The best way to do this is to blow-dry your hair. You can use a life hack and with each wash of your hair, make a new parting a few millimeters further than the old one, this will help to mask the oily roots.

4. Start drying your hair with your hands. To keep your hair voluminous longer, you need to take care of it and start drying it manually. You can lift curls with your fingers and dry with a hairdryer.

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