How to buy a plot to build a house?

Как купить участок для возведения дома? Important Tips

Today, many residents of large metropolitan areas dream of acquiring their own country house. And I would like to have a forest, water bodies and picturesque landscapes nearby. However, before building such a house, it is necessary to acquire a good plot of land. This task is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, when solving this issue, you should definitely take into account a lot of nuances.

So, first you need to turn to the Forest and Water Code. The fact is that if the plot you are purchasing is located near a reservoir or forest, then completely different regulations apply to it. This concerns the possibility of acquiring land plots in water protection zones and on coastal strips. Moreover, we can talk about a site in the sanitary cleaning zone. If at least part of your territory is in the sanitary cleaning zone, then there can be no question of making a deal. Therefore, you definitely need to clarify these details with lawyers.

It is impossible to make a purchase of land in those places where there are ancient trees. Be aware that your site should not be the property of the State Forest Fund or have an agricultural purpose.

It is very reasonable, wishing to buy a plot from the owner or from another person, to use the help of specialists. So, it is realtors who are able to find the most optimal offers. Moreover, you will be sure that you will not be deceived. The only thing that is required is to competently draw up an agreement with a realtor.

When buying plots, it is very important to check all documents with the seller. The realtor is able to do this in the best way. Specialists are perfectly aware of the fact that without which documents the transaction will be invalid. It is dangerous to believe only the words of the seller. Since there are a lot of frauds in the sale of land plots.

Often the market offers to buy plots with dilapidated buildings. But, in order to make a deal, in this case, you will definitely need a site plan. Ask the seller to show this document.

The legal purity of the site is also of great importance. Nobody else should claim it. Specialists can also check all these details.

You need to buy a building plot competently. Only in this case you will have the opportunity to build the desired house and spend time in it comfortably.

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