How to usefully spend autumn days with a child in the country?

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Happy owners of suburban areas know that autumn is by no means a time for relaxation and blissful inactivity. This is a time of active, but pleasant work at their own dachas, and pride in their work done in summer and spring. With the approach of autumn, some summer residents begin to look for relatives and friends who would agree to sit with their child while they work in suburban areas. And this is a big mistake. After all, it will be very interesting for the child, and it is extremely useful to help his parents and at the same time relax in the fresh air, smelling of leaves and yellow grass.

Holidays with children in the fall are fun and useful!

The very first thing to do is invite your child to take part in cleaning and mopping up the front garden. You can find activities for him not too hard, for example, to collect dry flower stems and put them in a certain place. You can also plant flower bulbs with your child for the winter. As for collecting flower seeds, this activity can be completely entrusted to the baby. At the same time, he will learn vigilance, diligence and learn a couple of visual examples from botany. If you prefer to cover the area of ​​the flower garden for the winter, then you can also do this with your child. Scattering leaves throughout the front garden will give him an unforgettable pleasure, and it will also be beneficial.

The next stage of autumn work is an orchard. Even if there are only a few apple and pear trees in a suburban area, the child will still like to pick ripe and juicy fruits under the trees. Naturally, he will not carry fruit baskets, but he is able to serve fruits to his parents. And you can additionally work out arithmetic, counting the total number of autumn gifts collected by the child. Also, do not forget that just in the first half of autumn, fruit trees are planted in a suburban area. And this means that the baby will be able to distinguish himself here too by planting his own tree. You can also prepare the trees for the first frost together with the baby by wrapping them carefully in cloth or sprinkling the base of the tree with leaves.

If there is a small vegetable garden in the suburban area, then here you can ask the child for help. Autumn is the time to collect potatoes and all types of vegetables, except for the latest varieties of cabbage. And this will be a good visual lesson in biology for a little know-it-all. It is necessary to entrust him with simple and not laborious work, so that it interests and pleases him, and does not overwork. He will be able to independently fill buckets and baskets with the gifts of the earth. You can also involve the child in the very cleaning of the land after the harvest – an excellent active vacation with a child in the fall.

If there is a lawn near the suburban area, entrust your child with a little preparation of the grass for the winter. To do this, you will need to thoroughly clean the lawn of fallen leaves, arguing that this way the grass can easily endure frosts and remain unharmed under a layer of fluffy snow.

Autumn days in a suburban area are an excellent reason to accustom your child to physical feasible work. And the autumn clean air, together with the golden garment of trees, will bring the baby more health, love for the land and for nature.

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