The ideal holiday is a wedding. How to entertain guests?

The ideal holiday is a wedding. How to entertain guests? Important Tips

A wedding is the brightest holiday not only for the young, but also for everyone else, because on this day a new family is formed, two completely alien people, in essence, place great trust on each other, connect not only their lives, but also their souls.

That is why this day needs to be carefully thought out so that young people can share their happiness and joy with others. Only in this case this holiday will remain in the memory of all those present for many years.

It is not at all necessary to carry out the wedding in the original place, it will be enough to introduce small variations on this day, which will not let the guests get bored and will bring even more joy on this day.

You can step back from traditional contests and come up with enough entertainment of your own. This will give the holiday enough originality and novelty.

Why not entertain your guests with a romantic show: dance a special dance for the young. What could be better than feeling like a participant in a world dance championship? Guests can make good judges. You will have to come up with a dance program in advance. You can be sure that such entertainment will not leave indifferent either guests or young people. And if you add soap bubbles or confetti to this, the spectacle will turn into a fairy tale.

Holding a lottery will also be a good entertainment. You will also have to prepare for it: pre-order lottery tickets at the printing house, buy the necessary prizes. You should not make a business out of this – let the lottery be a win-win, and funny stuffed toys are also suitable as a prize. But forgetting about the super prize is also not worth it.

Also, the tradition of “distributing cones” to guests can be replaced by distributing bags of sweets. The bags need to be sewn from a bright fabric and tied with a ribbon. Inside, in addition to everything, you can put a small commemorative card. This will be the best holiday reminder for your guests.

Guests should be encouraged. To do this, they should be rewarded for their activity. Buy small chocolate medals (they are sold in any store and are very cheap) and give them to the most active guests. The one who has received the required number of medals gets a super prize. Rewarding can be the culmination of the celebration.

As you can see, you don’t have to think a lot or spend a lot of money to add variety and make the holiday unforgettable. Always, the smallest surprises become the most memorable. And if you did not find anything suitable here, then there are still quite a lot of ideas walking in the vastness of the network that will definitely suit you.

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